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My Story

David Basile, Founder of The Basile Innovation Group, is an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and "The Compassionate Coach".

With additional roles, as a Field and Systems Engineer, a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Officer, an Ordained Minister, and former E.M.T., David brings over 25 years of business development, management, relationship management, and team building experience to his Client engagements.

An Ohio native, David has been an owner or partner in several businesses since 1986. His primary focus has been supporting business owners and their organizations through consulting and technology related services & solutions.

As a graduate of technical and public safety programs and coursework at Control Data Institute, Cuyahoga Community College, Cuyahoga Valley Career College, The University of Akron, Cleveland State University, and many manufacturer and vendor specific training programs, David has a broad base of experience and skill sets to bring to Client engagements.  

From 1989 through 2013, in addition to delivering high quality services and solutions to his corporate Clients, David founded, merged, and sold multiple technology companies. Throughout those years he experienced near mergers,  mergers,  working alone, working with partners, and of course working with various teams.

Along the way it became very apparent that there was much more to building and managing a successful technology company than technical proficiency, response times, great products, and profit & loss.  It also became clear that hiring good people, and doing the right things weren’t always enough.

David had first been exposed to business coaching in the early 2000's and was very intrigued by Coaching as a profession as he often found himself coaching and mentoring friends, family, and associates, wherever and whenever welcomed.

2008 saw him undertaking the task of re-branding his company QIN, Inc. into TrustPoint Technologies, Inc. and re-organizing from a Value Added Reseller into a Managed Service Provider. About a year or so later, feeling the stress of the transition, he knew it was time to get some help and engage a professional Executive Coach. He believed that having a sounding board, and someone to be accountable to, would be crucial to successful execution of his plans. That coaching engagement turned out to be very powerful, and it became the first of several. 

At the end of 2013 he transitioned out of day to day operations and later founded The Basile Innovation Group as a platform from which to provide Compassionate Coaching and Balanced Business Consulting. Because they are so often intertwined, he often refers to his service offerings as "Business Mentor Services" to better illustrate the level of engagement.

David Basile of Basile Innovation Group - Cleveland Business Coaching and Strategic Planning

David Basile



Coach & Consultant 

"It's often very beneficial if not crucial to work in the area between a Coach and a Consultant..."


“After I stepped away from the day-to-day operations of my last company, it was much easier to take a critical look back at my performance in my roles as an owner, president, manager, and co-worker. While there were certainly many bright spots and areas of strength, I also saw times that I could have been and should have been better for my team. While we had great success, I couldn't help but wonder how much more we could have accomplished if I had engaged a professional coach sooner. Truth be told, I just couldn't see what an objective Coach could see, no one can really. From time to time those "blind spots" caused a fair amount a stress and anxiety. A huge regret for me was that I just didn't realize how my stress impacted my staff. My Coach showed me it didn't need to be that way.

I decided then that I would dedicate myself to relieving as much of that stress and anxiety as I could through compassionate (vs. compliance) coaching and consulting services to business leaders. I help them get the best from themselves so that they and those around them can enjoy the best of what small businesses have to offer. Together we facilitate a better future.

My professional experience as a Field Engineer, Communications Specialist, Customer Engineering Manager, Systems Engineer, and ultimately Partner/Owner in several businesses over the last 25 years has provided me with a unique skill set and perspective with which I effectively support business owners and leaders though coaching conversations and consulting engagements. I feel that my value is derived from my compassion, empathy, relentless desire for improvement. I meet my Clients wherever they are, and guide them through to a better place. Constant improvement in corporate culture, performance, process, operations, relationships, etc., is crucial if an organizations vision, mission and values are to be respected and achieved. While increased business value is often a primary objective, its lasting effects are only achieved through the support and commitment of a first rate team. My work with leaders and team members is always delivered with great respect, kind truth, compassion, and accountability. It's often very beneficial if not crucial to work in the area between a Coach and a Consultant in order to help develop creative and innovative solutions."

Our BIG Vision

The Basile Innovation Group will be recognized as a premium Business Coaching and Consulting brand for business leaders striving to improve their business valuation, operations, performance, and communications while reducing stress, discord, and conflict  in their organization. 

Our BIG Mission

With a high degree of respect, candor, experience, knowledge and compassion, The Basile Innovation Group facilitates, guides and supports leaders on their course towards realizing their ideal vision of themselves and their organizations through one-on-one and group Coaching and Consulting.  

Our BIG Values

Treat all with respect & compassion.

Foster trust through accountability,  and telling the kind truth.

Listen, understand, share knowledge,  and communicate!

Be committed to our clients' interests.

Be responsive and flexible.

Bring creativity to your work and drive  constant improvement.

Provide incredible value to clients.

What Makes A BIG Client?

Our clients are typically owners, directors, and/or managers of privately-held businesses that value an outside perspective from an experienced coach, strategic planner and team builder.  The Basile Innovation Group has the professional approach, knowledge, and strategies to improve teamwork, collaboration, and communication, which are the keys to our clients’ success.

 We customize our strategies and engagements to each client as needed, and we also offer workshops and seminars.

Check our calendar for schedule information and more details.

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