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Consulting or Coaching?

Why not have both?

A Consultant Typically:
  • Provides additional knowledge, capability, and capacity to your project, or organization.
  • Develops an objective and unbiased analysis and provides feedback regarding people, processes, and performance.
  • Facilitates process improvement,  program development, or strategic planning.
  • Focuses on special, or confidential projects.
 A Coach Typically:
  • Provides an environment for drawing out the best of their Client (and team) by insightful and powerful questioning. 
  • Facilitates strategies and tactics for personal, professional and team development.
  • Creates an accountability model to ensure that clients are doing what is needed to meet their objectives and goals. 
For Your Organization
For Your Team
SWOT Workshops


SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is a powerful analysis technique used in planning, problem-solving and decision-making across an array of organizational functions. A SWOT Analysis is an effective starting point to analyze an organization and begin a Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning Workshops


Strategic planning is a management activity that is used to set priorities, focus resources and energies on clearly defined goals, improve operations, provide clarity on intended outcomes to all employees and stakeholders, and allows for the ongoing assessment and adjustment of plan execution based on changes in business conditions and landscape.

Compliance & Contingency


Often organizations find themselves facing a special project need while lacking the internal resources to manage or complete it successfully. We bring the skills and experience necessary to manage and facilitate projects such as PCI Compliance, Incident Response, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Planning.

​Operations Management


An organization should be elevated, rather than inhibited, by its operations, policies, and culture. As a consultant, we work directly with leadership to improve workflow,  communication, and collaboration, and reduce frustration and uncertainty that can occur during day-to-day operations. Efficient workflow and clear communications are necessary components to the success of a team and ultimately allows  an organization to achieve higher degrees of success.

Executive Coaching Conversations


Our executive coaching strategy is to leverage strengths and work through weaknesses of the leadership to maximize opportunities for improvement and success. A strong leader boosts the morale and work ethic of their team, and we develop strategies to help them do so while navigating business demands and limitations.

Team Building Workshops


Your crystal clear vision and well-defined operations manual are nothing but words on paper without a committed team to execute the plan.

We get it because we've lived it. Each team is entirely unique in style and makeup. We do team building better because we listen, learn, innovate and execute like no other. We deliver targeted learning experiences that engage people, empower leaders and strengthen communication. The end result is a motivated, committed workforce from top to bottom. 



Accountability is a force that drives leaders and team members to do the right thing.

A leader leverages accountability and trust to achieve the goals set for a business. A Team member uses accountability as motivation and definition of his/her scope of work. By leveraging those you will be accountable to, you will increase the likelihood of getting things done.

Ready to get started?

We have a variety of service offerings would love to work with you to develop a custom plan to meet your personal and professional needs.
The best starting point for all new Clients is a no-fee conversation or consultation.

Please click the button below to view our services offerings and get started today!

Pro Bono Services

Part of our mission is to give back to the local business community by providing coaching packages and/or workshop seats at our discretion.  Individuals or organizations interested in Pro Bono services may email a one page letter describing their organizations current state, desired future state, and how and why they believe coaching could make a difference. We will review requests on an ongoing basis and select at least one recipient per quarter to receive a no charge coaching package or workshop seat. Recipients will be removed from future selections, but all other applicants will remain eligible to be chosen in future selections. 

For consideration, please submit a formal, one-page letter to the email address below.
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