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Are you GROW-ing?

Grow coaching method, Basile Cleveland Business Coaching

The GROW model is one of the coaching methodologies we use with our clients. The word GROW is actually an acronym for Goal – Reality – Options/Obstacles – Will . To put it metaphorically, the GROW coaching model is what you need to create the plan for your journey. You start with the creating a map: As Steven Covey says, start with the end in mind. Where are you going, that's your Goal. Where are you now, that's your Reality. It then charts the different paths and methods of getting there. Once your paths are laid out, you can more easily choose the option that suits you best while still considering the obstacles on the way. You then detail out the process and make sure that your motivation for the trip is maximized. The beauty about working with the GROW coaching model is that we don't need to be an expert in your specific situation to be able to coach you. The GROW coaching model offers a framework with general questions to elicit goals, obstacles, options and more without ever needing to offer advice or force any particular direction. In a sense, the coach provides a dynamic vehicle for his client's development.

Step 1: Goals. Where do you want to be?

Make SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Timely. Something that I am sure many of you are already familiar with. A goal of new clients each month isn't specific or very measurable. A goal of 5 new clients each month is measurable. But, 5 new clients each month that bring an average recurring revenue of $500/month each is both specific and measurable. I think you get the idea. Some questions to identify your goals might be: What's important to you when it comes to achieving your goal? Is there a deeper purpose than just the financial gain? What will reaching the goal mean to you? What do you actually want to achieve ? How will you know you've reached your goal? How will you know a problem has been solved?

Step 2: Reality. Where are you now?

Some Example questions to discover your reality are: What's happening to you now? What is working and what is not? Are you making progress? What results are you seeing? Are there consistent problems? What are concrete examples of this problem? What obstacles have been holding you back?

Step 3: Options/Obstacles.

What can you do to achieve your goals? What resources are at hand or available to you? What resources do you lack and need to obtain? What's in your way? What is distracting or derailing you? What might you do about those issues? It's important to not lose oneself in this phase; we all have patterns and stories we can repeat and expand on endlessly. Your coach will keep on summarizing, distilling and repeating back what they are getting from you. Often, this phase of the GROW coaching model reveals underlying fears, convictions and limiting beliefs that can be worked on during or in between coaching sessions. Coaching isn't therapy and doesn't dig into your past. And while Coaching focuses on you today, and your future, often, just identifying that you do have embedded limiting beliefs in your operating system may be enough for you to start replacing them with those that are healthier and more positive.The GROW coaching model can be very effective at taking you from where you are, to where you want to be. ​

Step 4: Will.

How will you keep yourself on track?

What processes or procedures can you put in place to keep yourself on track? What level of accountability are you willing to commit to that can keep you moving in the direction the you believe is best?

As with many things, this is not a once and done exercise. You and your coach can decide how often your GROW exercise should be repeated as well as how often it should be monitored. I would encourage more monitoring in the first 90 days with weekly check-ins at first to maintain accountability and monitor progress. If commitment and consistency are evident, then move to bi-monthly monitoring, and so on. Know what to do and actually doing it are two different things. Many leaders and entrepreneur are great planners and managers but are challenged do-ers. That's why accountability and monitoring a crucial part of the process.

Please reach out to us if you are ready to take your next BIG Step and schedule your own GROW sessions.


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